January 25, 2016 Echo Media

Something we’ve been working on is making sure we choose the right subjects for our videos, whether it be for a promotional event or a marketing video, if we cant capture the viewer’s attention and keep their interest, we’ve failed. So we applied what we’ve learnt to a video for Woodlands self catering accommodation, a magical property along the Rheenendal Ramble, just outside of Knysna in South Africa.
Now the first thing you think of when filming a hotel or B&B is that your subject is the bedrooms, bathrooms etc. and how to make it look its best. Well, from what we’re learning, its not always the obvious
subjects that will keep your viewers interested and watching to the end. After spending some time with the owners of Woodlands we gathered that its about the peaceful experience they’ve created
with their garden and surrounding forest, that they wish to share with their guests. They spent countless hours designing and working on their landscaping to make guests feel connected and relaxed in every way.
With this video we needed to leave potential guests wanting more and therefore making a booking to experience it for themeselves. So our subject was the garden.

After watching their video for the first time the owners said, “I also want to say you captured our idea of Woodlands so well, the relaxed vibe and the peacefulness that we tried to create here.
Your video is just perfect…and I think it will do wonders for us!”

See it for yourself here: EchoMedia

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